Our Foundation

The Jockey Being Family® Foundation, LLC., is a 501(c)(3) private charity that believes every child deserves to grow up knowing he or she will spend a lifetime as part of a loving family. Founded by Jockey International Chairman and CEO Debra S.Waller, the Foundation was created to strengthen adoptive families through post-adoptive services by funding national and local adoption-related nonprofit organizations. You can make a donation to the Foundation here.

Debra S. Waller, who was herself adopted as an infant, began working at Jockey International in 1982. A dedicated member of the team for more than 30 years, Waller has worked on nearly every aspect of the business where she has held numerous merchandising and management positions. In January 2001, Waller was named Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer following in the steps of her mother, Donna Wolf Steigerwaldt, who had previously held this position in the family-owned business.

To learn more about the Foundation, please email Cindy.Pielat@Jockey.com.

Our Foundation
A family photo captures three generations of Jockey Chairmen. From left: Harry Wolf, Debra (Steigerwaldt) Waller and Donna (Wolf) Steigerwaldt.


Jockey Being Family Foundation