Enrollment Criteria

Adoption Agencies Can Join Us To:

  • Take part in a meaningful collaboration to celebrate and support the special transitional steps for adoptive families
  • Receive free, customized backpacks for children adopted through your agency
  • Provide a Parent Tote full of post-adoption resources to the family
  • The child’s backpack provides a wonderful touch point for your organization to reconnect with the adoptive family

Our General Eligibility Requirements – Your Agency Must:

  • Handle U.S. domestic state or private adoptions
  • Handle more than 5 adoptions per year
  • Agree to provide all families that adopt through your agency with a JBF Backpack for the children and a JBF Parent Resource Tote for the parents.


  • Finalize Adoptions – domestic, state, private, international, including re-adoptions
  • Agree to provide all families that finalize their adoption through your courtroom with a JBF  backpack for the children and JBF Parent Resource Tote for the parents.
  • Share Jockey Being Family backpack program with Adoption Agencies

Agree to the terms and conditions of the program when you register