JBF Backpack Program

A little extra comfort to welcome these children into their new home can have a big impact

Since 2005 Jockey Being Family has been providing FREE backpacks personalized with the child’s initials on them to newly adopted families. Each backpack includes a comfy blanket and the coveted Jockey Being Family® teddy bear which for many children are the first belongings of their very own. Most importantly, parents receive a JBF parent tote with valuable post-adoption resources to help them navigate through their adoption journey.

Our backpack program offers adoption agencies, our non-profit partners, and now Judges and legal professionals an invaluable opportunity to talk to families and identify issues early on so they don’t reach a breaking point where the adoption fails. Jockey Being Family believes that ONE FAILED ADOPTION IS ONE TOO MANY!

Backpacks to adoptive families throughout all 50 States

Backpacks Distributed in 2022 Alone

“Having all the neglect cases in Jefferson County WI, it is truly an honor to preside over a final adoption to witness the joy, love, and happiness that permanency brings to our children. Jockey Being Family is an instrumental part of the process. Being able to give a child a backpack with their new engraved initials sends a clear message to them that this is real, they can trust in the love that surrounds them. Thank you Jockey Being Family for caring about our children as much as I do.”

- Judge Brantmeier, Wisconsin