Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

Nothing! The program is completely free to your agency.

How should I order the backpacks & parent totes to distribute to our adopted families?

Since each backpack will be custom embroidered with the child’s new family initials we ask that you only order a backpack (and parent tote) once each child’s adoption is finalized.  There’s no minimum order amount so you can order a custom backpack for each child based on need.

I manage multiple agency locations, how should we order?

Each agency location should complete an enrollment form to order backpacks for their own locations.  We ship the backpacks directly to each agency to distribute and it will save time and be more efficient for each agency to order based on their individual adoption needs.

Can multiple people register from the same agency?

No. We require just one contact from each agency to act as the program coordinator. All orders would be sent to this contact’s attention at the agency. It would be at the agency’s discretion to share the same login with multiple people within the agency.

How do we best use and distribute the Backpacks?
Backpacks are a proven great way to celebrate and mark that moment when a child officially becomes part of the family, and the family can celebrate the joy and prospects of their new future together. Here are some tips:

  • Intimate meetings in the home with just the family works great to establish that ongoing resource relationship with the family; and this works to make it a special moment for the child as they inspect their backpack and the gifts inside on their own and in the comfort of the family setting.
  • Hosting Backpack Parties at your office with many families all getting their backpacks together can work to make it a true celebration, and to bond with other adoptive children and families so the child sees that “they are not alone”. It also helps to introduce families to your post-adoption resources. But this does not come with the intimacy of the 1:1 family home visit.
  • We do not recommend giving out backpacks at court date events – the backpack tends to get lost in everything else that is going on.
How does it work to benefit families?

National studies say that for 75% of adoptive families to succeed and thrive they need a basic level of information; training and support. The Backpack program can give your agency a great entrée to begin that needed support for families.

A much smaller % of adoptive situations require special services and interventions. Jockey Being Family is developing and certifying a network of trained therapists to help in these situations – stay tuned for updates on availability.

How do I get started?

Click this link and fill out our registration form. We will ask you a few simple questions, and if you qualify, you will be set up with your own personal login so that you can start placing backpack orders online.

How often can I order backpacks?

You can order backpacks as often as you need them for each child being adopted. There is no minimum order requirement but we are limited to distributing up to 5,000 backpacks this year on a first-come first-served basis.

What is Jockey Being Family, and when was it created?
Jockey launched the Jockey Being Family corporate initiative in 2005, to support the Jockey Being Family Foundation and other adoption focused nonprofit organizations. This initiative works to strengthen adoptive families for successful futures by helping to expand services provided to families after an adoption is finalized.
Why did Jockey choose to support adoption?

We are a privately held, family-owned, Midwest company, and our brand values have long reflected a genuine commitment to families. Family and children have always been important to Jockey, and adoption is an issue close to the hearts of our employees.

After months of research and careful consideration of issues where Jockey could make a significant impact on families, we learned that post-adoption services, support and resources for parents and children after the adoptions are legally finalized were scarce. Jockey also learned that no U.S. corporation was championing this important area of adoption. We realized that this was where Jockey could make the largest, most targeted impact.

How important is it to provide adoptive families with services after an adoption?

It is critical. Services offered to families after adoption provide them with the support, resources and information they need to remain strong and stay together-forever.

Services frequently requested by adoptive families include information, respite care, parent support groups and referrals to medical professionals. These types of services are provided in a variety of ways, including individual and group work with community-based organizations.

By promoting these valuable resources and providing increased access to post-adoption services, Jockey hopes that all adopted families will have the tools they need to thrive and grow.

How does Jockey support the issue?
Jockey provides funding, employee volunteers and in-kind donations to the Jockey Being Family Foundation and other nonprofit partners.
Who are Jockey Being Family’s nonprofit partners?

In addition to the Jockey Being Family Foundation, Jockey supports adoptive families and children by partnering with leading national and local nonprofit organizations, including: